Place Element By Linked Model Family

Hi all. I’m trying to place a new family (a security device) near a specific door (i have many family and types doors) that i have in one of linked file. I found this .dyn but i’m not sure that is the right ways

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You could edit the custom node but it would be more efficient to use a newer node without redundancy between inputs document and linkInstance.

Thanks for your answer, I’m new in Dynamo. I don’t know how connect your four nodes in my .dyn.

The Element.GetFromLinkedFile node wasn’t updated for Dynamo 2.3 or 2.6 and gives you an error.
You can replace it with one the 4 custom nodes above.

You still need the Get Document node.

I tried to make these changes but i don’t know where I’m wrong. I tried change from catogory to family and type on my linked model because I have to select only a family and not a category.


Here is 2 possible ways :

The Family Types dropdown node retrieves only the family types of the active project so the first step is to get the family types of the linked project.

Place Element By Linked Model Family.dyn (24.9 KB)

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Thanks for all Alban, I’ll try it and I’ll do a feedback :slight_smile: