Trying to place a family instance by point from linked elements

I built a header family to place at window and door loctions. We are a structural firm, so we are linking in Arch models. My graph here places the family at the correct rotation and size, but is putting the family off to the side for some reason. I tried a few differnt place nodes. Any ideas? Its not a hosted famly.

Place Header Family at All Linked Opening Locations (UI).dyn (78.8 KB)

Hello @jsanford …here you will need to transform some coordinatetes or try Bimorph linked instance by category for your linked element…hope it could help

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Yeh it seems to be an issue with the coordinates for sure. I will try the bimorphs node. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Yes another idea is to setup the project the right way so all models share origin


yeh so I actually did that as well but all my families are also being placed at one level, so trying to get them to place at the right level is another issue. My team is pretty used to just clicking the magic acquire coordinates button, which is what was done here. still experimenting with it to be honest.

yeh one of the bimorph nodes did it, plus using closest level from Genius Loci to get a correct host level. Thanks man :slight_smile: