Possible to update placed Family Parameter based on linked model families?

I am VERY new to dynamo here, and I believe I’ve searched using the right terms, but maybe not. I’ve cobbled together a script that gets the Lighting Fixture families position in a linked model and places one of our own families on top of them. It then pulls the ‘Mark’ value and pushes that value into the ‘Comments’ (instance) parameter of the placed family (i.e. Circuitable Family). It also pulls the ‘Type Mark’ values and pushes it to the ‘C3 Tag’ family (instance) parameter.

My question, is it possible (if an updated model is linked in) to then search for those same linked Model Families, and update the Type Mark parameter in my place Family?

Attaching the graph of how I achieved the top portion, but wondering if the updating portion is possible, and point me in the direction to achieve that?

You can (with some caveats).

Store the Element ID of the linked elements as a parameter in your placeholder elements. Use that parameter as a matching method on the updated model.
The caveat is the reliability of the modeller on the other side, as deleting + replacing a lighting fixture in the linked model would mean a brand new element ID. You may need to then consider deleting orphaned lighting fixtures (fixtures whose element IDs no longer pair up appropriately) and inserting new ones for IDs not in the original list.

Hadn’t thought of that. I think it’s going to be up to the designer to handle the changes.

Thank you.

Welcome @Xsoldier2000

You can also use the Copy/Monitor function
if there is a modification in link model (location or change of type) you have an alert of coordination if the familyInstance is monitored

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Yes, built this to try and avoid the Copy/monitor process.