Place family on family (linked file)

I am looking to add a family to the location of another family between 2 linked files and exchange parameters between the 2 families.

I initially manually inserted family (host type) on one side of the family, then I had the routine below to exchange parameters.

Today I am asked to insert automatic family.

I found the following code, but it does not. Problem with FamilyInstance.Byface and custom nodes.

Can anyone help me?

Hi @Alain_Hamel

I believe you found the solution from here Family Instance to Host to Family in Linked Model

You need to install custom packages from archi-lab, spring nodes and also you need to update your dynamo to latest version that is 1.2 can be downloaded from here

Good Luck!

Thank you for your reply.
I Dynamo 1.2.0 and REVIT 2015
I installed the latest version of 2016.12.1
But I still have the same problem with FamilyInstance.ByFace

For the node Get Linked RVT Document Error: the custom node definition is not charged

With REVIT 2016 it’s ok to FamilyInstance.Face
Must install the module 2015.12.10 REVIT 2015?

How the Get Linked Document node?

La solution