Place doors in walls

yes finally it has worked thankyou so much @Deniz_Maral but I have one problem the visibility view of the wall in Revit like this but in 3d it’s okay.

do you know why?

It is preview of solid geometry because of Dynamo. If you disable preview of Geometry it will disappear… or you can close model and open it again.

If it is solved, mark as solution please. Users can see that it is solved.

ok thanks, I appreciate that so much

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Hi Deniz_Maral I’m trying to placing doors from cad plan.In dynamo i got a door location points wherever i need doors in revit. But if i run the script some doors are placing some doors are deleted in dynamo it is not hosting the walls please help me on that, it is very helpful for me
Thanks in advance
imagePlacing doors.dyn (19.6 KB) doors plan.dwg (52.7 KB)

Did you draw the walls in Revit?

Thanks for the reply, I created the walls in revit . i need to create the doors as per cad plan in dynamo
Please help me on that,It is very helpful for me

The problem is: Walls and doors are not matching. You should geometry intersection with doors and find the right walls which has to have the right door. Check graphs above…

Thanks for the reply. do you have the script please share your script i tried also still it not plcing the doors.please share your script it will be easy for me and very helpful for me