Closed point to line

I am trying to select a layer from dwg plan and made get the center point of some elements like doors and try to get the closed point to grid line but I have a conflict to sort list points of doors with a list of lines of the grid to can place doors in walls

some of the points need to sort with line maybe I can use sort by key and the short distance between lines and point that will be the key.

Hi @MAIA17112

Use Geometry.IndexByDistance custom node from springs nodes:


Hi @Kulkul
thanks but I wanna sort point not just line which means I want points of doors that had sorted as output do you get my point?

Switch the inputs at Geometry.IndexByDistance.

@Kulkul test nodes10.dyn (31.1 KB) it’s not working with me still have the same output as lines not points test plan.dwg (102.0 KB)

@Deniz_Maral please can you help me to solve this deniz?

Are you looking for something like that?

test nodes1_forum.dyn (42.0 KB)

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what’s the name of the package this node included in it?

Clockwork Package

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thanks @Deniz_Maral it’s working now.

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