Place AreaTags without first place RoomTags

I have made a script that automatic place multiple Area’s in different Area Plan’s, compleet with boundary lines. On the same place as the Area I want to place a AreaTag.

The only way that is posible is to make first a RoomTag and then replace it for a AreaTag.

If I try it directly (orange line in image) a get the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 176, in
AttributeError: ‘Document’ object has no attribute ‘NewTag’

Does someone have an idea to change the python script from ‘Create Annotation Tag’ that makes AreaTags posible in automatic tagging? Or an other way to place AreaTags?

CreateAreaAndAreaTag.dyn (64.8 KB)

Hi @e.raaijmakers,

You probably should use the Create Independent Tag node that can place area tags directly.
The Create Annotation Tag node was for the Revit versions before 2019 (but can also place area tags directly). The Revit API has been changed for the creation of tags in Revit 2019.

Hello Alban,

When I try Create Independent Tag in place of Create Annotation Tag a get the following error message:

Exception: There is no loaded tag type that can be used when tagging referenceToTag with tagMode.

The input view must be the area plan views.
The input Element must be the Areas
The input tagType must be the Area tag type

I have checked the input of view, Element and tagType, that was correct.
On GitHub a found a similar Create Annotation Tag (Multi-Category) from a newer or previous version from GeniusLoci. There was the Python script including AreaTags, a have change it in python script in my example and now it works.

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So you should update the Genius Loci package to obtain the custom nodes up-to-date.