Place adaptive family in nested family from project


I am trying to do the following:

from within a revit project: load family -> open family -> place adaptive family -> save/close family

When I am performing the steps the AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints node allways referes to the initial project. What I am trying to do is perform this node inside the opend family. Is there a way?

How do the edit family / background open nodes work? Is it possible to open a family in the background and then place an adaptive family inside the thus opend project?

Vorlage_2.rfa (444 KB)

What says the error message?

The error massage says “the argument has issues”

I guess this error occures becaus Revit cannot find the adaptive family “adaptive rectangle” in the project from where dynamo is started.

I think that one can be done via Python. You try to place nested adaptive family from a family to current file.


thank you for your answer. I’m not sure if there is a missunderstandig.

I start in project (x) and try to palce adaptive family (y) in family (z). And y is a nested z.
What is happening is that my script tries to place y in x.

But I still think you are right, that Python is the way to do it. Any thaughts on how to start?