Adaptive points in nested families

Hello everyone,

I made an Adaptive Component family (A) with 4 adaptive points.
I nested this family on a grid in another Adaptive Component family (B).
With Dynamo I can now read the coordinates of the 4 vertices of all nested Components.

But when I reload family (B) into a family I no longer get coordinates but Empty values.

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help me?

First of all, is the subfamily set to shared? If not, try that.
secondly, does your all elements of family type even collect all the components? Since you’re not showing the data of the nodes in your pictures it’s difficult to know what’s actually going on here.
Try posting a new picture with the data boxes of your nodes visible. The comunity will be able to help you a bit more then.

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The subfamily is set to shared.

So the adaptivecomponent.location node shows empty lists, meaning that it either isn’t working as it is suposed to, or the element you’re using as an input doesn’t have adaptivecomponents. I think this is because you nested it in a family. I think you need to try to get the subfamily instead of the hostfamily and use that as the input of the adaptivecomponent.location node. If you’re not able to do this by using conventional nodes, maybe you could look into how to get dependent components via the revit API Element class (method I would look into is Element.GetDependentElements()).

Hope this helps. Goodluck!