Adaptive Families Control Issue

Hello Guys,

Here and Below, I will share with you a solution for dealing with adaptive components location and to update it as it’s pop up as a major problem later in forum here.

Under the below link, you might download a new published package by ( @Ramiz.mohareb , @ingenieroahmad ) under name ( Adaptive Component Control ) to manage you to move and control your adaptive families by feeding it with the required elements and the new points location.

Dynamo Packages

Along with a new node discuss how to get geometry within your adaptive families under specific subcategory name ( Lines - Solids ) which I asked about while ago and I found a huge help from our friend @Thomas_Corrie and give me a python solution and from here we begin to write it as C# code.


Cheers and Good Luck !!!


Thank you very much for the Package. I’m experiencing Problems though. The node keeps running forever. I tried it with one object and passing the object alone and as a list. See graphics below (i Stopped the node so I can keep working on the model).

Any ideas where the problem could be? I’m using Revit 2021.1.3 / Dynamo Core / Dynamo Revit

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your comment, the package is working so fine with revit 2019.2 and dynamo 2.02.

Make sure that you are dealing with adaptive component families and if so it might be need to be updated ( c# code the revit and dynamo references dll files) to work with any other revit versions.

Familie1.rfa (424 KB)
i test it with revit 2021 and it work perfect. can you test it with the attached file?Home.dyn (10.1 KB)
first load the attached adaptive family into the revit project file then test

I tested it, and you’re right is working fine. You guys @ingenieroahmad and @RMohareb are awesome. Thank you very much.


Worked great!!! I am very happy. :))))