Place adaptive family in curve facade with voids

I have created a mass that represents the façade of a building. I have already found the points that intersect the façade but when I place the adaptive family it shows an error. The mass has a void and I think this is creating a problem for placing the families. My objective is to create a randomize façade with my adaptive families.

This is the façade of the building that shows the grid and the points where adaptive families are place (pink).

What is the error? May be a lacing issue.

Have you filtered these locations out?
There can be no 4-point adaptive here i think.

Might be to the point made by @Marcel_Rijsmus but my quick math cannot make your 830 points go up into lists of 4 points :slight_smile:

Hi @JacobSmall, this is the error is giving me.

@Marcel_Rijsmus. I haven’t filtered them, I think the problem is that the node ‘Lunchbox quad grid by face’ does not locate points along the void-curve and therefore I can’t place families there.

Jonathan.Olesen . True and that’s is because of the previous point I mentioned. basically I have less points from what I need.

Any ideas of how to tackle this problem? thank you for your help.