Cant place 4 point adaptive model / create quad panel from scratch

Good very early morning everyone, it is 2:22am
I currently working on this script but couldn’t figure out what is happening here. from the beginning i thought my adaptive family was built wrong, then after all day i find out it is because my points list is not quad points list. Anyone please help to confirm this???
And if you can also help to show me how to create quad point script to apply the 4 point adaptive model family from scratch would be much appreciated. Or please lead me to where i can download quadpoint package that is still usable, most of the packages in the library are out of date.

thank a million !!!

If your adaptive family is expecting 4 points, then you need to feed in sublists of 4 points (you are feeding in 7 points)

If your adaptive family is expecting the corners of the surface, then it would be something like this:
Note that the order of the points matters.

@Andrew_Hannell thank you for replying. I understood what you say. The adaptive model is 4 points. i am not trying to feed the component in the square. i am trying to feed it in the quad pattern i have as in the screen short below. every 4 points as marked in the photo. i need to transform my point list to quad list.

As you can see my points list now is running horizontal, they are not quad points, is that why i cant place the component ?

And where did you have the surfaces.dividesurfaceUV node ? i am using 2.3.0 revit 2020 but i dont have that node.

thanks !

that node is from the Lunchbox package