Location points of adaptive family in wrong scale



my first post here :slight_smile: I hope you can help me to solve an issue.

I received a Revit project, which all its facade is a mass family that contains different adaptive curtain wall families applied on a SAT object.

I am trying to obtain the location points of all these adaptive families with the AdaptiveComponent.Location node, but for one of the family types -the one that populates the corners- the points are strangely retrieved far from the actual object and in a much smaller scale.

Inside of the family I’ve tried to change Host and loop system to host or global, but so far no results. I also verified that the units in the host and adaptive families are both set in mm.

Thanks in advance!

revit 2017
dynamo v. 1.2.1


Do you think you can post more of your work up to this point? Such as DYN?


The Revit family in question is likely a requirement here.


The DYN so far is superbasic: select all curtain walls and AdaptiveComponent.Location

Looks like as new user I am not allowed to upload the family file :frowning: but here a screenshot: 6 Adaptive points that adapt to the surface curvature.



I discovered the error, maybe useful for someone else:

The families were placed on the mass with a Repeater. As soon as I removed the Repeater, the points appeared in the proper location, some sort of bug of the programm indeed…