Place family by surface with voids issue

Hi there,
I was learning adaptive family follow sun path issue.
Then I encounter this problem.

I want to place adaptive family by the surface with some voids.
Here is dynamo result:

Seem the voids are missing after family placement.
How should I do to remove families on the voids. or make the placement follow surface with voids?
Thank you.

Here is the related files:
place family with surface.dyn (68.1 KB)
MinMaxClamp.dyf (2.7 KB)


If I explained question unclear, please don’t hesitate to tell me.
Apologize for my English ability.
I also found a similar topic but there no solution…

i think this is a Revit problem.
For example: If you place a void in a project environment on a door - the door won’t get cut.
You place a void on your adaptiv families - they won’t get cut.
There are only some system families who a cutable, like walls and roofs…

You need to place the void into the family.

First create the area, cut some area out and than place your adaptive family on this surface.

Hi Fiesta,

Thanks for your reply.
I’ll try your approach to figure out the solution.