PKG's Work on 1 CPU & Not the other...(Archi-lab, Bakery)


So I have the same set of packages loaded to (2) different Machines.
I am trying to pull elements Location & Category from a linked file…Pretty simple stuff.
I set up the definition at work and it works great! When I try to run it at home it seems that there is an error in the python script in the Get Documents Archi-Lab Node.

Work CPU: allows me to open the Python Script

Home CPU: Dynamo Crashes as soon as I right-click the python node and click edit…

Both Computers are Running Revit 2015, Dynamo…
Work: Windows 7
Home: Windows 10

This is one of those things that should be reported here:

It has nothing to do with packages i am afraid. If this is still an issue that persists then just file it with the devs.