Pipe fittings to Dynamo

Hello guys

I’m select all of pipes and pipe fitting in a little project with dynamo. I used the node “Categories” to select them, but I have a problem, when I try to import this elements into Dynamo, only the pipes can be displayed.

The “1 list” in Element.Faces is empty and in this list could be the faces of pipe fittings, but there aren’t anything.

Thanks for your help

Here is a way…you will need to rebuild in Dynamo…

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Thank you for your answer, but I have a little problem.

That routine is working, so its depend the families that I used. I try to use with my fittings families and doesn’t work well, because the geometry of this families no contain curve.

Hello @raul.montanez

try to show your fitting family there dont contain curves,

I’m using a fittings family of the local provider (I’m from Colombia) and that provider has a pipping template.

When a use a routine with these families, the geometry not contains curve.

Not sure whats goin on here…have you tried this one here…from clockwork

Hi…how many curves do "element geometry give you ? try to join them