Get Element by Cateogry only selects Cap fittings

I’m trying to select all the pipe fittings on a project but for some reason it is only selecting the caps. When I use the family.bycategory node it is selecting all the pipe fitting families in the project. Whats going on?

are you sure you are getting only the caps? I think something is wrong in the graph.
It’s always good to test a Dynamo graph in a simplified model, with only 3-4 families, to see what happens.

Here is an example where I had 4 elbows and 2 caps, try something like this (top part of the image):

If you need elements of a specific family, you can use Family Types and All Elements of Family Type to get them (bottom of the image)

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Thanks, I used FamilyInstance.GetFamily like you did and it worked. I think the method I was using to the the family was finding the first family that had a standard type and chose that as the family the instance must be.