Pipe Creation from CAD [Solved]

Hi All,

Thanks Manel_Fernandez for the post on creating Pipe from CAD.

I followed the steps while everything was great until I bump onto the Python error.

I need help on line 38.

Please refer to the screenshots below.


there is the screenshot of the whole script.

You’re missing the Level Id on that line

Thanks Viktor!!!

it works!!!

BTW why is level is considered as a connector.

Sorry, just started with Dynamo.

It is not considered a connector. There are two other methods Create(Document, ElementId, ElementId, Connector, Connector) and Create(Document, ElementId, ElementId, Connector, XYZ) which use 5 parameters. Since you were feeding only five the API interpreted it like that.

see more info here:

What is the correct line of code?



What is the correct line of code?