Create pipe segment through Dynamo

Hi! How can i create pipe segment through Dynamo? I found this in RevitAPI. I don’t understand - how it use?

Hi there,

Maybe this could help you.

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Thank you! But this theme is about creating pipe. I need to create pipe segment:

There is my code:

As you can see - my problem is in “ScheduleId” now. Where i can find it?

Hi @catexis
You need to use the PipeScheduleType. Create Method which takes only 2 simple arguments : doc and a string to give it a name. Check Revit API help for more information. Second option is to use an existing schedule/type as you did with material.
I did a dynamo + python script to add sizes to an existing PipeSegment. I will post it on my blog today or at the end of the week :

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wow! I read your blog occasionally. Your works is great! :slight_smile:

Thanks @catexis ! I’m glad that you appreciate it :smile:
Article has been posted yesterday : If your topic is answered, please refer my post as the answer. If not, I will post an example with PipeScheduleType.Create method soon.

Here is my script: PipeSegment_add.dyn Your script is add new string to existing table. My script is create new table.

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Thanks for your work @catexis, it has been very useful for me.


Can you post a link to the excel files that was used?