Creating 3D pipes form 2D using Biomorphs and MEPover from CAD import

Hi There,

Having some issues getting the final product of the 2d to 3d conversion.

I have tried 2 methods and neither have brought me success. Where I have stopped is where I have become stuck.

I replaced the Curve to line node with CurveElement.Curve from one of the posts and it has given me errors not smooth sailing.

My aim is to convert this entire DWG to RVT. Once I have this fundation I should be fine moving forward to apply the properties to the rest such as circles = sprinklers etc

I can’t locate or figure out how to create the ID to element node.

Same problem as above

I have all the lines and all the curves it’s just I don’t know how to get them out and put them into lines - also with this the pipe will appear in my 3d view and will not have translated the pipe - this is when I exploded the cad drawing and made the lines model lines and hoped that would work but it didn’t.

Please help. I have tried excel methods, non excel methods.

I am probably overlooking something extremely simple!!

I have attached both dynamo scripts - one with the attempt with MEPover and one without
I have also attached my excel.

I have attached another script using MEPover and Bimophs.edited not working Create Pipe From CAD.dyn (40.8 KB)
Bimorph MEPover Script that works - just haven’t made 2d 3d.dyn (29.0 KB)
Succesfully creates pipe - just doesn’t reflect in model.dyn (31.3 KB)

Any assistance is appreciated!!

Kindest regardsLineworkonlyinteger-FS100.xls (161.5 KB)

Here is the last version I use for this DWG_To_Pipe.dyn (25.4 KB)

Capture.png2456x1976 381 KB

The Warning is couse I did not select a item to convert.

Could you send a new screenschot whete evriting on it?

I had this isseu when the femalie is not set correctlie. Whre Revit need to convert it to

Proberly the problem for you is that you didnt select whit pipe type you whant.

Greatings SPARTAN

Hi @SPARTAN I have attached my scripts instead of screenshots - did you still want some screenshots?

I don’t think it is this problem however. It’s getting my points to be converted. They show then I just need to drag it into lines or into the python code I just can’t work out how to separate the lists so lines are separate from circle points etc.

Let me know if you need additional information.

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Hi Jade,

I cant see some details of your screan shot, the thing is the bimmorph uses the active Revit project to deside what pipe its gone use. That us why you have this isseu i think

What version of Dynamo are you using 2.0?

If you look at pipe type the number coresondates whit the nuber of the famalie I whant to use you can ingnore the mian pipe settings that is just for a other layer type

For this script I sended to you need to link the dwg to your revit and select it then it will convert it to the selcted pipe. if you changed the unput to the corresponding entries (in the input side)

Hi what do I need to get this script to work? and how do you use it.


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