Select Point on Face

Where do I find more info on “Select Point on Face” - I need to pick a specific point of a Face and use that one as a reference.


Hello Adrian Crisan,

Couple of question before I answer to your question.

  1. Where are you creating Surface, is it in Revit or in Dynamo?

  2. Have you already created some Points on Surface?

If you have not created any point on Surface then you can create point on Surface using method Surface.PointAtParameter.

Do attach screen shot your graph mentioning what you want to achieve.



Ritesh - thanks for reply.

For now, I want to manipulate faces created in Revit.

Workflow will be: select a face, then a point on that face and then continue with the algorithm for the process I’m working on that particular task.

In the attached screen capture, I have face no. 004 of a Revit family, then on this face I would like to create/select a particular point (center, quadrant, etc. - or defined by me) then continue with all my other steps in the design.POINT_on_SURFACE_1 I need more documentation on how I select a particular point on a surface - in this case it’s a simple circle, but how about a complex surface? Thanks for your help.

Theres a few ways to think about this operation - if you know the point you want exactly, then you can create a reference point in revit, then you can use Surface.GetClosest(point) in Dynamo, this will let you get the closest point on the surface to the other point you created.

You’ll need to select the face and the point to bring them into dynamo from revit.

Do you know the point you want before hand or will you need to figure it out programmatically?

Michael - thanks for your reply. I want to achieve both: either knowing the location of the point, or figure it out afterwards.

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