Pick elements in linked model


Is there a option to pick elements from a category, like the screenshot below? I know It’s possible in a normal model, but this doesn’t works with linked models.

Thanks in advance!

Use “Springs.SelectLinkedElements” and read node description. You will have to select first the linked instance and then elements. If you are done, click in Revit “Finish”

Aah, thanks got it.

It’s not the way I would like to do this. Maybe do you have an idea?

My problem is that if I would get all windows in a project and the project is big, there is no way to validate it. So my idea was to select some of them I think

You should then filter them with a parameter. Use GetParameterValuebyName and use Filtermask to list. You can in this way have what you want to have.

That’s what I have now. I would like to select the windows of one facade, but that’s pretty hard I think

Isolate the category in a view, and set a scope box accordingly before you start the pick.

Should I use a specific node when I set the scope box at one facade? @jacob.small

I was referring to limiting what could be selected in Revit via the UI before you start to pick stuff. Since you have a manual pick process this shouldn’t be an issue in terms of time, and will help ensure you get the right answer. :slight_smile: