Select Linked Model Element from Active view


I am working on a Mechanical model and I Want to select Active view elements from the Linked model. I tried out one dynamo but it selects all elements from linked model.
I find out “Active View” node in Spring node, but it selects only current model element from Active view.
Is there any node available in select linked model element for Active view?


This could probably help:

I have the same issue, did you figure this one out? I need to select a door in the Revit Linked model.


There are two nodes available in the DATA SHAPES and Bimorph packages for selecting linked model elements.


Not sure why this is not working on my end???

Try with package RIE

Thanks but I need element from link in view

Try with nodes Spring this

Hello Chuongpqvn,

I need in view

You want get all Element linked In View Or Select order Element Linked view ?

element from link on specific view

Im think this is solution for you .

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Hello Chuongpqvn,
Thanks so much for trying this hard, that is definitely an option.
I am not sure though how fast would be to check all elements on the link against the number of views I need but I will try.
Many thanks again!

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