Pick chain of elements

Revit allows the user to hit tab to select a bunch of walls or lines at once that are connected together as chain. Is there any similar functionality within any pick or select model elements nodes?

I’ve tried OOTB, Rhythm, Data-Shapes nodes and also looked at the API but no luck.


Here’s the behaviour of Pick Model Elements node in Rhythm. Here tab key doesn’t work.


From what I can tell, there’s nothing like it in the API. Your best bet is to select the nodes in Revit using tab selection and then use something like “Collector.CurrentSelection” from spring nodes.

Alternatively, consider selecting one edge and then iterating through all curves/elements in the project, adding the ones that are geometrically touching.


Thanks, yeah I have used the first way. Now user has to select the lines before running the script. But I wasn’t quite happy with that.

I’ll give the other way a shot. Thanks again for the input.

For the “other way” I suggest to use the Group Curves node from Archi lab. Here is an example: Select connected elements

I normally do it by Tab selecting what I want then hit “HI” (hot key for Hide Isolate) then use the selection box and drag it over the whole screen. It takes a second to Hide everything else (depending on project size) but seams to work well.

To illustrate @Dimitar_Venkov and @Einar_Raknes ‘touching element’ workflow (or at least a variation of it)


Hi Ewan_Opie
Can you please upload the graph for the same

hello therem i tried using the GeometryIntersects node but the thing is… a line at the end will only intersect just 1 lnie, a line in the middle of the chain will intersect just 2 of them…

ok maybe create polycurve from these first ones then repeat the step for next list of Intersects… but this requires a loop, i don’t know how to use loops (they are so… mystical…)

can you please post how you managed?
i am thinking of making a python loop but i am quite a 0 xp in pyth…

thank you!