Phases error

Hello everyone,
I take an old script that is working fine in Revit 2017, but in Revit 2019 it gives the error in choosing phases [1] that was that time new construction, seems that the program doesn`t recognize this statement in 19.

The question is: there any solution to solve this problem?


Notice the Document.Phase node has a medium gray header instead of the dark grey. This means it’s missing an input (or two). This may be a result of the upgrade of the node from 1.3 to 2.0 not properly assigning a default.

Try wiring in the current document and a True Boolean and see if that resolves the issue.

Never that noticed this color difference, while it must have been there
@dynamo team
make it yellow
or pls document it?? or is it allready??

Thanks Jacob,
I just update document.phases node and all starts working fine. Thanks for your notice about mid-grey headers… that makes sense now

@Marcel_Rijsmus check the primer. Section 3.1 - node states heading. :smiley: