Colored Phasing Plans

Hello Folks,

We have a large, complex renovation project in which there will be 6 or more construction phases over then next 10 years. While we help the client work through phasing and facility impacts, it would be helpful to be able to quickly visually identify different scope areas to ensure there are no gaps or conflicts in the model.

We would like to color code each phase, so that when we reach the end of the project, elements of a all phases can be viewed as different colors, for example, ceilings created in “Phase 1” are red, “Phase 2” is blue and so on. I have found a few similar tutorials but either all the ceilings turn red or dynamo returns internal errors.

uploaded are screen shots of the script.

It seems an easy task, except of course, it is not working for me. Any help you can offer will be appreciated.


Hi @gfrenzel

Your screenshots are not visible to us. Please upload them again. Thanks :slight_smile:

apologies, here is it!

  1. You’ll usually want to compare values with the “==” node, not the “&&” node.
  2. You’re trying to compare a string (“Phase 1”) with an element when you want to compare it with that element’s name.
  3. You’ll want to use the results of that comparison to filter your original list of elements and not feed the result of your comparison (a boolean) directly into the element input of the OverrideColor node.

Although I’d classify this as a “quick hack to work around stuff that Revit does not do very well”- this is what I would suggest:

  1. Use Dynamo to copy phase information to a normal parameter
  2. Use view filters based on the parameter to colour as required

Although this is not a perfect solution (Dynamo needs to be run to update the parameter) it is easier to manage your colour overrides within Revit and you can use view templates, rather than RGB values etc in Dynamo

In my opinion, Revit view filters need improvement: you should be able to use attributes such as phase or workset, or any other parameter. The phase graphic overrides are not bad, but often difficult to display exactly as needed


Thank you both!

Andrew, despite having to run this to update the parameter, the graphic display control is exactly what we’re looking for. It is far easier than trying to control the graphic with the RGB values and the ease of the templates makes the second option the winner.

We note that automatically generated elements, e.g. the wall infill when demo’ing a wall return ‘null’ values. This can be viewed as either a pro or a con depending on what information you’re looking to do.

Thanks again!

is the “ManualPhase” parameter a shared parameter you created?

Hi @Mike_Tuter

yes, that is correct (either shared or plain project parameter)
I named the phases 1,2,3,4 to simplify the graph and filters

You could do the same by borrowing another unused parameter such as ‘comments’
It would also be possible to create the filters using Dynamo