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i’m using revit 2015 & Dynamo the task is like this. i have a surface that starts from floor (like a column) and fills the room in all directions like a mushroom. i have to create substructure to that element, and followed what is available on internet…this is where i reached & i’m stuck, can someone tell me why and what is wrong & any tips to make it work. FYI: dotted lines indicate substructure frame…could that be the surface is not smooth or created to have multidirection curves?
pls. see attached. thx. W


Does Revit 2015 even support Dynamo 1.2? Honestly can’t find info anywhere on which versions of Dynamo are for which Revit. I have been using for 2015 and it says it is up-to-date.

Recur 2015 supports up to 1.2.1. The dynamo primer has this info on section 8.1 - the Revit connection.

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I do not think the column by curve node will allow you to use a ‘curved’ curve but is intended for a line. Try a 1 but tall line on the Z axis to define the column and see if that fixes it.

I’m not sure Revit does curved structural columns like that by itself without utilizing adaptive components.

Thanks for the reply, it’s not working. but this could be a challenge to dynamo users and revit guru’s, keep up the good work.

What isn’t working? The structural column by level and curve certainly works for me when I use a straight line.

sorry if i did not explain my self clearly, i want to be able to place columns and beams on sloped / resting or curved surface of the pic. above, when i tried as per your tip. it just created a vertical column, am i missing something ?



I am with @JacobSmall here - the ColumnByCurve is limited to a straight line.
For beams, however, you can use StructuralFraming.Beam.ByCurve. It accepts arcs, not sure if it accepts nurbs curves.

Beams, adaptive components, or model in place are really your only options from a Revit perspective, so they are your only options from a dynamo perspective too.

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just in case if someone here wants to try, this is the mass, and it needs substructure as shown (lines) in the mass
please try, how can dynamo help place stud like columns and beams…mass v2.rfa (340 KB)

i face this issue before, and i converted NURBS to Arc or Group of Arcs by getting Points of NURBS at parameters (0,0.5,1) then use these to draw arc for beams, if u have complex curvature u may think of using multi arcs.