Points from Excel List

Hi, I have created a list of points in excel and brought them into dynamo and am trying to create a series of points from them. I have gotten them chopped up into three lists of x coordinates, y coordinates, and z coordinates. However, I can not figure out how to convert these lists into points. I tried to use them as the inputs to a point by coordinate node but that did not work. I need dynamo to somehow recognize them as coordinates. I am very new to dynamo so sorry if this is something simple.

Please post an image. is it possible that dynamo is recognizing your points as “Text” and you need to convert the strings to numbers using “String To Number”

Should work…

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You will find a few other posts on a similar topic- such as http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/huge-tree-table-in-excel-how-can-i-get-this-into-revit/

Vikram (aka ‘Lord of the Lists’) transpose & code block nodes are a more elegant way of splitting up the data columns than the example in that post