Path of travel problem

I am trying to import (path of travel) from revit to dynamo
Which concect two point with line considering the doors
I follow some steps from website ;
But i had some warnings, if please anybody help me with that.
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Why not use the OOTB node for this?

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IN[0] == “Level” is not “Views” must enter.

I want to use floor plan view, thats why i choose level 1 as view

You can use appearances() for the relevant floor plan. That’s not a problem.
Unfortunately, you need “Views” data to make the command work.

Can tell me more about OOTB node please

Takes a floor plan (not a level, but a view), a list of start points, a list of end points, and a Boolean value.

Returns a path of travel in Revit.

If you don’t have this or the associated “update” node, then update Revit 2020 or 2021.

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