Password Protect Revit Family

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This question may have been asked before but was not able to find anything. I wanted to know if there was a way of locking revit families with a password. I would like to lock mechanical families like, bends and fittings. Any leads would be appreciated.



Check this:


Jan Willem


This isn’t something you actually want, as it provides no meaningful benefit and will cause issues if you force it via stuff like a locked workset.

BIM (and by extension) Revit is a collaborative process; as such what you put into the model needs to be accessed and built upon by others.


Revit families are worth far less than companies think. Guarantee you if you design them right most firms wont know what to do with them.

I solved this by slapping my prefix on everything i use. The types of firms lazy enough to steal content are also too lazy to automate workflows to undo that work.


Hi Jacob,

There is an addin called Lock-it with Password in autodesk apps. I dont want to lock family but want to lock elements. The reason for that is, we have separate modeling n detailing departments and some things are changed accidentally and wanted to know if i can prevent it some how.

The best options are either pinning down crucial elements and/or putting objects on permission locked worksets when the detailing department works with them I think. You could also look into Guardian for Revit which can restrict what users are able to do in Revit.

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Ah. This is a bit different than was originally described now that we have some more detail.

Dynamo can’t do this by default as it can’t execute on the basis of an event listener. An add-in would be the best route in this case, either paid or self-developed and deployed to all users.

All methods I know to do this can be circumvented though, so I recommend watching for changes.

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hi what do you mean by slapping my prefix?

Sorry, slang in Australia for adding something on.

So instead of Width, you use BG_Width for example.

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Thanks all for your valuable feedback/inputs. Will try to get/develop and addon for this


I have made this same argument numerous times. And honestly unless I just don’t share them, there isn’t any way to protect content. Best to make it work in your total ecosystem and this much less effective to anyone else.