Make elements read-only

Hi all,

I’ve been digging on the forum but either I’m too new to Dynamo to find an answer, either there’s none atm.
We wish to materialize our projects advancement by “locking” the elements that have already been built, so that they can’t be modified anymore by anyone but our project manager.

A first approach would be to just select elements and somehow make them read-only.

A second approach would be to place all those elements into a workset, the ownership of which wouldn’t be relinquished.

A third approach, in the same vein as the second, would be the use of a “shadow user”, which would mean using Dynamo to open Revit with a preset username, select the chosen elements, en close that window, without relinquishing any of the workset.

If there is any thread already opened on the subject, please be kind enough to redirect me there.

Is this project even possible?



The second option works fine. It is pretty common way to manage projects from accident changes. You can lock not only elements, but also worksets for shared and project parameters, view templates and other important settings.
Revit lacks management features, you cannot set up users rights, this is a dream of all BIM managers…

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Thank you!
I’ll keep digging that way, and will post result when I find them.
Have a good day!