Creating Family Content

Hi all,

I’m attempting to use dynamo to recreate detail groups as families, and have hit a bit of a roadblock. It appears that any method for creating a family instance in the detail component editor either fails, or worse yet creates the family in a mysterious location which is not visible in any way, but can be selected using Select By ID in Revit. The same behavior appears to apply to detail curves and line based detail components as well but I’ve looked less into those as if I can’t get a point based object to work no way i’ll get a line based one functioning.

Am I doing something wrong here? Excuse the odd code blocks but node to code made things a little easier to fit in a screen shot.

Odd and frustrating as that may be, sending the element IDs to the clipboard, selecting by ID inside revit, cutting the elements, and then pasting them back into the model causes them to suddenly show up. So i’ve got a bit of a work around, but I’m wondering if anyone else has attempted similar in the past. Maybe placing by an alternative coordinate system set to the view plane? Or am i just running around in circles on that and should just add a “send to clipboard” to the end of my script.

Any thoughts are welcome.


@Zach_Kron This is way over my head - any ideas?

Did you already succeed to save the detail elements as a family or not?
I have hundreds of detail groups in the project and I am trying to save them as an external family to inset them again … I wish you help for this point

This predates my time at Autodesk, and I have no recollection of where I got with it… likely doable reading it now but there are a lot of variables. Do you have a data set and first attempt to share? If so beat to start a new topic with that info so we can get more light on the subject.

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