Passthrough to assign specific hierarchy to the script

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create a dynamo script following this sequence:
1- uncrop the active view
2- select all the detail elements outside the cropbox and put them in a selection set.
3- crop the view again
the problem is I couldn’t apply that sequence in dynamo using Passthrough node.

Could you please tell what I am missing here or how to apply that sequence properly to the script
Thanks a lot

SelectAnnotationOutsideCropRegion-1.dyn (111.0 KB)

@m.shaheenQVUGH we cannot see your nodes names; Zoom in while in dynamo so you can see the nodes titles, then press the camera icon to save a capture

What is the reason that you have the lacing of the passthrough nodes on shortest?

actually no particular reason, I used to put them Auto and then I tried to make them shortest … but nothing happened

sorry for that I zoomed in to be able to see the nodes properly

It looks like you’re re-cropping the view immediately after un-cropping it, at the same time you’re filtering elements.

@m.shaheenQVUGH what exactly is not working, from my side it did work, I notice you have an error in the first graph, which is related to Geometry Scaling, try to increase the value in the Preferences and it should work

I want to uncrop first then filtering the elements then crop the view again, I mean in that sequence not at the same time. but I don’t know how to make it properly

The passthrough node to re-crop the view is only waiting on the first uncrop to finish. You need to have it wait for the selection to finish most likely.

Most likely the transaction has to commit prior to selecting, otherwise the view won’t see that the crop box has changed yet.

I tried that but unfortunately it isn’t working too

You will likely need to commit the transaction first. Try using a Transaction.End and a Transaction.Start node in conjunction with your pass through method.

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May you show please how to do that?

Post your DYN (if not here on another source) with the pass through you added and I’ll try it later today. Building everything up is a bit time consuming.

I searched about it to try and It works … thanks lot :smiley:

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