Order of Operations

Who can help me with the following problem

I made this node so i can isolate (Temporary Isolate Element) certain type of clashes.
For example Walls with Walls, Walls With Floors etc.

But every time i want to change a combination with the Number Slider (INDEX) i have to
Reset Temporary Hide/Isolate manually in Revit first before my nodes works (isolates).

What i really want is that, when i change the Number Slider (INDEX), my view gets reset first
and then the elements get Isolate.

I already have read some of the related topics but i couldn’t find an answer there.
I also tried a few thing myself but so far without any succes, so now i turned
to these forums hoping someone can help me.

PS I am still fairly new to Dynamo but i already made a few working graphs (by trail and error)
as i am learning on the job.

Clashing.dyn (35.1 KB)

Have a look at the Passthrough node from the Clockwork package.

I did that, but i don’t really undrstand how it works.
How / in what order do you plug in the other nodes?

If you search for „Passthrough“ on this forum you should be able to figure it out yourself.

I don’t wanna be rude, nor do i wan’t people to do my work for me,
and i appreciate any help, but as i said i looked at the topics about Passthrough, but i don’t get it how to connect it with the Isolate / Restore nodes…

The “waitfor” input should be the node you want to execute first. The “passthrough” input is the input you will give to the node you want to execute second.
The passthrough node will then output exactly the “passthrough” input, but will only output it when it receives the both inputs, hence the forced order of operations :slight_smile:

Hope that’s clearer !

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Thank you for your reply mellouze, that part i understood tho.
What i don’t know is how to connect the View.DisableTemporaryHideIsolate and
View.TemporarilyIsolateElement with the Passthrough. Do i connect the view or succes
outputs with it? Because i tried both but then it does not reset they previous ‘state’.
Instead all elements are Temporary hidden. So i guess i am missing something…

Could you show your graph with the passthrough node please ? :slight_smile:


ClashIsolate.dyn (38.6 KB)

Using either of the outputs from the first action should do it.


You read my first post too fast I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, that is not working (i believe i tried it once before doing it like this).
The first time it Isolates the combination (ie. Floors - Floors) i pick with index,
but when i change te slider to pick a new combination (ie. Floors - Walls)
everything seems hidden (i don’t see any elements isolated)

Don’t know exactly how the nodes you are using are working, but have taken into account that all the nodes that do not depend on the input you are chaging will not be re-evaluated ? (it’s the cas of the node you want to execute first)

You can force the re-evaluation of the nodes by adding a passthrough before the DisableTemporaryHideIsolate, and connect the input you are changing (the slider) to waitFor

I partial / half get what you are getting it…

I think this is the problem

I believe i had the same problem with one of my other nodes
(i used to match / re-create a section box). I used the Booleans , == and if to re-evaluate by nodes there…
I guess i have to re-evaluate the Views too in the Node from this topic(?) I try a similar approach as my MatchSectionBox node.

I will see if i understand how to this part later (still got regular work to do as well).
Thanks for your help so far, appreciate it.

This is turning into an awfully long thread… :wink:
Here’s how:


Thank you for your help / input @Andreas_Dieckmann, much appreciated

…but no need for remarks like these. There are still people (very) new to Dynamo (like myself)
and may need a little more help / some futher explanations.
I am trying to sort things out myself as much as possible already…