Parcel Geometry Problem

I just begin to use Dynamo, and try to turn the parcel boundary line to Polyline by Parcel.Geometry, I saw Paolo Emilio Serra achieved this in a video, but I just cannot figure out how to do it as the attached figure. I am using the latest version of CIVIL3DTOOLKIT. Any idea will be appreciated.

@yangfan7014 is the geometry scaling set to medium?

Thank you for your rapid reply. I set the geometry scaling to medium, but nothing changed. :confused:

Can you please share the log file in your temp folder?

Please check the followed link for the dyn file. Cheers.

I need the have a look at the log file that is saved in your temp folder, I don’t need your DYN.

Hi Paolo,

Do you mean the log files under the folder AppData\Local\Temp in C disk? There are lots of log files, could you please kindly remind me which one you want? Cheers!

the latest by time, it has a name that looks like this 0d818ade-a9aa-4c5f-af40-59e85172b222.log

Hi Paolo,

This is the lastest one under C:\Windows\Temp, hopefully it is the right one. Cheers.

I’m sorry I cannot help you this is not the right file.

Can you share the DWG?

Hi Paolo,

I am sorry, there are too many log files. I am so confused.

The DWG file is yours, from the video with the name of Computational Design for Civil Engineers on the Autodesk website. The file name is Subdivision_C3D_02.dwg. I tried this on another DWG file, but nothing changed.

the log file you shared does not match the kind of name I suggested.
Run the Script in Dynamo, check the temp folder, sort by more recent.

you can get to the temp folder if you type %temp% in explorer

Dynamo saves no log-files in the Temp location but somewhere like here:

c:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\C3D 2020\Dynamo\2.4\Logs\

Or are these only the environment logs and not error logs?

That’s not the log I need, Civil 3D Toolkit writes its own log file.

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Ah, sorry. I misunderstand it :slight_smile:

Hi Paolo,

I opened a new account on my computer, and run the dyn file, four log files are found in the temp file folder. I packaged all of them in the attached zip file. Hopefully, one of them is right. Cheers!

None of the files attached can be used. I cannot help you.

Hi Paolo,

I am sorry, I am too stupid to find it. Thank you any way!
Is there any chance that you can inform me how to turn the parcel into Geometry in Python Script?

Hola @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

I Set Scaling Medium and some parcel dont get geometry.