Object not brought into Dynamo

I am starting a new script and I am hitting a wall on the first node. Ultimately I am trying to write a script to array an object, elementary I know, the first node “Select Object” allows me to click the object in the file but I don’t see it on the grid in Dynamo?!?!?!? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance…

It might not be close to the origin. Click on the Object.Geometry node in Dynamo, then switch to the 3D Background Preview (button in the top right). Right-click and select “Zoom to Fit”.

  1. Select the node that you need to see geometry.
  2. Switch to Geometry View (by selecting the option in the right click menu or by clicking the button at the top right of the canvas).
  3. Select Zoom to Fit from the right click menu.

Good luck!

I was able to find the object after I started a new script. I am getting a warning about modeling range. It is telling me to change to “Large” scaling. Is it typical to work on the “Large” scale?

Annotation 2020-09-08 150312

Leave the geometry scaling set to Medium even though you get the warnings. Changing to Large or Extra Large will make the warnings go away, but it will introduce other issues. It is a known problem with Dynamo’s integration with Civil 3D and the fact that us civil engineers typically work in real-world (i.e. very large) coordinates. Some other documentation:

Thank you!!! Will leave it set to Medium.

If the warnings become annoying, you can “swallow” them by using a Function.Apply node.