Hi, I am experiencing weird bug when creating new view filters. As I saw other topics regarding similar problem without solutions I’m gonna try asking once again.

For no viable reason this OOTB node refuses to produce filters, when manually creating same filters is possible.

I don’t know if taking in parameters for Parameter.ParameterByName node from linked elements does change anything, but the FilterRule itself works normally, so I reckon that is not the case.

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@filip.kabelis , hi

i got no error when the parameter refercs to the element… in my case i tested comments.

How do you retrieve just the Parameter without its value like shown on your screenshot?

For me the OOTB node returns parameters with values, maybe that is the problem. At the same time method x.Parameters( ) returns all the parameters of input element - I just need one.

i do just indexing it from the Parameterlist @filip.kabelis

try x.Parameters[0][26]

This method still returns parameter as well as its value. Still I don’t think that this is causing ByRules to fail… anyone got other ideas?

After further investigation seems like rooms from a link could’ve been causing the problem. (all rooms are in linked file)

Solution : created an empty placeholder room in the project and took parameter from it - now it works.

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