Creating View Filter using "FilterRule.ByRuleType"

Hello All,

Can somebody please say why isn’t the node from “Revit” for creating view filters doesn’t work properly. Am I doing anything wrong in connecting the nodes?

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Hi @Raja

The node expects a revit parameter as an input, not a string :


Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi, Oh I see now I got to know how it works.

Thank you.

How do you get a “parameter” object? What does that mean?

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In the Revit UI you have a parameter name and a parameter value.

Both are included in a parameter object (together with many other stuff like Datatype of the Parameter, ID, …) - this is a screenshot of RevitLookup, which allows to look into the database. In the actual case I look into all the parameter objects ( colloquial “Parameters”) of a wall. I have selected on the left side the comments parameter object. And on the right side all the properties and its values of the parameter object is displayed.

And the node needs as input the parameter object. The Parameter Object can be retrieved by using “Parameter.ParameterByName” Node. Sometimes the names of Nodes and inputs are not selfexplaining. Maybe ParameterObject.ParameterByName would be the better choice?

From a Parameter object you can get properties inside of the object, for example the Id: