How To Get An In-Built Parameter For Dynamo 1.2 ParameterFilterElement.ByRules


I’m trying to get a parameter for the new Dynamo 1.2 node ParameterFilterElement.ByRules but it throws an error as shown on the attached image. How do you get a Parameter from a Parameter Name? Thanks

Thank you Einar. My only problem now is filtering out views that already contain the Filter:

I’m very close now. If the ParameterFilterElement already exists then Dynamo throws an error…otherwise it works.

It is possible that there is an error with the new ParameterFilterElement.ByRules. Each time I manually change the System Abbreviation the element IDs (circled red) remain the same. This means that my filters get overridden each time Dynamo is run. Shouldn’t these IDs be changing for new Parameter Filters?

I have also tried to search for existing ParameterFilterElements but I can’t work out how to extract their Names:

I’ve solved the Name problem by using the Element.Name node. I have also made the routine create a TemporaryFilter if the ParameterFilterElement already exists. The routine works BUT will still overwrite existing Filters due to the node generating the same Element IDs (as I circled red in an earlier post). Is this a bug in the new ParameterFilterElement node?

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Hi Ben,

Regarding your last question, if you use Element.Name instead of Element.TypeName it works.

You could also use “Get All filter” form Hot Gear package.

Curiously you get the same result using “Filter Elements” or “Parameter Filter Elements”.

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