How to feed directly a parameter to a FilterRule.ByRuleType node - ParameterElement

Hi dynamoers,

I have been working on a definition based on Konrad K Sobon post about overrides _ excellent job @Konrad_K_Sobon as usual

I have been trying to understand what this node wants to be fed with:

I know I can get it through the “Get parameter by name” node but I am looking for a different approach, getting it from the list of parameter element _ the result of the filtering is right but when I feed the node with that I don’t go through:

any help from the masters of Dyn would be appreciated.

@Jean-Marc_Couffin, this input expects an actual Parameter “element”. You can get it by name with OOTB node called “Parameter.ParameterByName”, like this:

Thanks but as I mentioned in my question, I know about that method. I am looking for another way.

@Jean-Marc_Couffin, I’m not sure if its possible to get parameters as you’re trying to do. Parameter elements that you query with “Element Types” have different id’s compared to elements that are extracted by “Parameter by Name” node:

Moreover, these id’s have negative values (see the figure).

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if you filter the Element types list the same way you did for the Parameter.ParameterByName you will get the same id’s.

@Jean-Marc_Couffin, as far as I know, If the element id is positive, it refers to real element in the Revit database. Element id’s that do not refer to real existing elements in the database are negative (see “parameter . id” output in the figure above) . This is probably why you can’t get through the “FilterRule.ByRuleType” node: your input doesn’t correspond to what Revit / Dynamo expects.

see what I mean…
I want to get the parameter (LOT : ) but I get the revit parameter element

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@Jean-Marc_Couffin did you find a solution? I am looking to how to get parameters by their parameter IDs, but not Elements. Effectively negative IDs are builtin parameters.