How to create a View Filter Rule for a Material?

did anyone noticed that when creating View filter, using ParameterFilterElement.ByRules, Dynamo creates view filter but it wont select Filter rule type.

But if i choose the right rule type Dynamo wont fill in the parameter value.
If anyone has any ideas how to fix this, i would realy appreciate the help.
I am also dynamo script file. Test_3D.dyn (26.3 KB)

I would not be so quick when proclaiming that Dynamo is making the mistake here: It seems to be working just fine for me:

I highlighted a few important nodes in this definition. First and foremost the Structural Material parameter is a Type parameter, so you can only retrieve it from a Floor Type object. Secondly, Material parameters are assigned via their Element Id reference, so that’s what you need to compare here. Not a name, not an actual material object, but its Id. Once you do these things, Dynamo will gladly create an appropriate filter for you.

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hi @Konrad_K_Sobon
May I know where can i find the Parameter.Filter.Element.By.Rules? which packages ? many thanks

Hello, I tried your exact sequence of nodes and the data does not fit the filterrulebyruletype node.

Maybe there is another approach to that function since this topic is 2 years old ?