Orchid - Parameter.SetValue

What am I missing here? I have 3 family types, 3 parameters, and 3 values for each parameter. I’ve tried transposing, changing list levels, lacing, just about everything I can think of and I can’t get it to work. Seems I always get the last set of values repeated over and over rather than each sublist distributed over the family types and parameters.

Greg, I might be confusing this with the Element.SetParameterByName node, but have you tried repeating your Parameter Names list to match the familytype list length and transpose the Values list to match the sequence of the parameter names?

I believe so… I tried so many ways. I’ll run back through it again however and see how it works out.

Found a solution yet?

If not, maybe the creator of the node/package @erfajo can tell, why it behaves that way.

Has this been resolved yet? Same issue here.

BTW love this package!

Suggest going and leaving a query over on erfajo’s github where he manages most of his communication for Orchid, he rarely swings by the forums.

Edit: Wow, just writing the word Orchid makes a link to the git/issues page. Nice one mods!

You’ll probably notice he’s typically busy via the replies he leaves to give detailed graph help unfortunately. If you know any Python you can always pick apart the DanEDU package if you’re game to try and rebuild the logic of the nodes you’re trying to use:

Got it, I have lots of respect for those who invest so much time in developing these packages.

But it doesn’t matter anymore, because I just found a solution!

Setting the level of “familytype” as well as “value” to 1 does the trick. Not really the expected behaviour in Dynamo, but I’m glad it works :slight_smile: