Parameter in Sheet from Family and Type Name of Assemblies

Hello to everybody,

I’m trying to fill in 2 shared parameters (instance project parameter in sheets) with the Family name and Type name.
So, I’ve created the Assemblies and the goal is to put the Family Name for Kategorie and Type Name for Unterkategorie.
Any suggestion on how the workflow look like?

Thank you for your support.

@ant_MZA3S Just to clarify, you are trying to put the Family Name in Kategorie parameter and Type Name in Unterkategorie parameter?

Kategorie and Unterkategorie are parameters of the assemblies you created?

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hello… could you share your datasets, cant really see whats goin on here :wink: but anaway you dont feed in your sheets as far i can see :wink:

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Set Assemblies Parameter values.dyn (38.5 KB)

IFC_Familien_210719_DForum.rvt (3.9 MB)

Hi guys, here my dyn and rvt files. Yes right @SrijanGautam I’m trying to feed the family name in Kategorie and type name in Unterkategorie.
I hope these two files will help you to clarify my issue.
Thanks for your help, very much appreciated.

Hello…do you mean something here…

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Hello @sovitek Thank you very much for your prompt answer. This is great for one Assembly, unfortunately for me, I have almost 1000 Assemblies, and as you might see from the picture I tried your script and I have a small issue in matching the right family with the right sheet.
Probably I need something that picks this information up directly from the assembly member node.
Sorry for my lack of knowledge but I’m not a navigate expert, so thanks again for your time and help.

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could you share a file with multiple assemblies, but not 1000…then i can make a test

Hi @sovitek here the file (WeTransfer). I cleaned it up as much as possible.

Cheers…do you have a file wheere you had multiple assemblies placed on sheet


Hi…you can share that file where views are placed

Sorry Sir, I don’t really know if I got your request.
I shared already all the file where I’m working on, both dyn and rvt file.

Yes but only 1 sheet with assembly, i need to test on multiple…no worries i create some :wink:

probably something here will work…

Thank you very much @sovitek. I tried it out and it’s perfect when the Assembly name is the same as the Sheet name, but in my case, the names of the sheets are different from the Assembly name, and I need to know which sheets are associated with the assemblies.

hmmmm…think assembly name always give you what on sheet, no matter sheet name…try check it

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