Panels of surface materials with 6

I created six panels adaptive (p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6)
I created a node:
"Panels of surface materials with 6"
sending 16 surface node ----> draws only one surface with panels
you think why?
I enclose: file dynamo, DYF file, image


oops, I attach images and files
















file :

Pannelli su surface con 3 materiali

pannelli surface

Pannelli surface curva



VOLT-1201on my side your “impressive” definition is working fine.

to use it in revit you just have to import it there


(if you delete the panels from your revit file “panelli-surface.rfa” they do not build again)


thanks Peter
I deleted node “ImportInstance.ByGeometries”
I do not understand it does not work …
maybe version dynamo? use the version: see picture
Thanks again for your cooperation




my version is the latest build from dec. 2014.

maybe you install that one

Sorry Peter
Could you explain better your phrase:

" to use it in revit you just have to import it there node.”ImportInstance.ByGeometries”
Thanks for your cooperation