Continuous surface

I inserted the panels on the roof trusses. They are adaptive panels ...... anyone knows how to build a continuous surface (such as last image color). I am attaching pictures Thanks for your coopImmagine colorata rivestimento stadio 1 rivestimento stadio 2 rivestimento stadio stadioeration !!


I forgot to attach image files stadio.dynstad





Hi Alex, could you clarify what you are looking for? Do you want to import a continuous surface into Revit? If so, try ImportInstance.ByGeometries.



Thanks for the reply Colin, I’m sorry I said bad. Sorry for the English, I do not know much

In practice I have created on the points of the curves (as shown in the figure). Now I want to combine these curves with a mass - the surface and then enter on this panel adaptive


punti-curveI hope I explained.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Hi Alex,

Take a look at the Help>Samples>Geometry>Solids example. If you run this file inside of a Mass.rfa or Generic Model_Point Based you can create Form Elements, which is a pretty nice way to get a continuous surface in Revit. Alternatively, you can also make Import Instances, which are also shown in this sample.



Solved !!
Thanks for your cooperation