Imported Rhino Surface for Adaptive Paneling Problem

I try to use an imported rhino surface (imported via Dynamo ‘ImportSAT’) for paneling
And I use Lunchbox to generate some panels.
Then I try to extract the panel points as point groups to generate 4 points adaptive components.
However, after the process, revit gives me a strange result. All the panels seems to be out of control.
What’s wrong with it?

how many points do the imported geometry have? Pls show the lists of points:

Do they have 6 or more?

It seems there are 6 points. Actually they are two 4-point groups and a little bit overlapping. It won’t be wrong because the points groups are generated by Lunchbox Quad Panel Tool

Could you upload the adaptiv panel family? The placement points do not seem to be related to geometry.

Sure, I’ll upload ‘family 5’ which is 族5 in the previous picture.
And I also upload the exported rhino surface as SAT and my original DYN file. Thanks in advance! Home.dyn (54.8 KB) ss.sat (70.1 KB) 族5.rfa (368 KB)

your family is “broken”…the geometry is not bound to the adaptiv points:

here is a working family:

adaptive_panel_4point_wood.rfa (388 KB)

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OK, let me try it. Thanks a lot! :laughing:

Finally, it works! Thank you. I always forget the proper procedure of creating Adaptive Component. :rofl:

Thats good.
Pls mark the post as solved:)