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I got an interesting question via email today and I thought I’d share it here:

I have a problem with dividing surface in Revit, and I think I partially found the solution in this topic you wrote:

So here is what I want to achieve. All I want to do is to divide surface with adapitve 3 point component in an irregular way. But, I want to manipulate this distribution from the center not the begining of my surface. Is it possible to do? Should I just change the function sin(v*pi/2) to some other? To be precise, because I have been trying out other functions: I want it to be denser in the middle and wider on the ends. I have managed to make it denser on the ends, but still it’s not my goal.

And here’s the answer:

You are correct - you only need to find the correct formula. If you look at a sine wave, you’ll want to use the first half of the entire cycle to get a list of values that is packed more densely in the middle. Hence, you’ll need to start with Sin(xpi) where x can have values between 0 and 1. However, the resulting y values will only increase until x=0.5 (or pi/2) (which will give you a value of 1), after that they will decrease again. But if you combine your sine formula with a condition, you can make values of x > 0.5 produce results that are greater than 1 by adding 1 to their inversion (1-y), like so: 1+1-Sin(xpi). Since this will give us a range of y values between 0 and 2 (and we want to have a range of 0 to 1 for creating UV coordinates), the complete formula would have to look like this: if(n>0.5,1+1-Sin(npi),Sin(npi))/2

I would have liked to add some annotated graphs, but the computer in front of me has neither a grapher nor Photoshop installed. I hope the above explanation is sufficient nonetheless.

You will need components from the following packages:

  • Increment/Decrement By 1
  • Normalization
  • Simple Patterning
Here's the file: TriangularByFormula

And some images…




As a followup, here are some more ways of controlling panel size - by a list of arbitrary panel ratios and by a min/max range of panel ratios.
For this approach you’ll also need the Accumulate List package.

The file: TriangularByRatios

And some pictures:



Hello everybody, since this is my first post in this Community. I am learning the basis right now following the tutorials.

I am so interested as it is an awesome topic. I am attaching the picture of the objective I have.

YAMAHA-Ginza-2The building is the colored one - (Yamaha). From Revit I created the mass, then the divided surface, in a Family ambient.

then I have the panels based on pattern (from a romboid grid) .

Now I am struggling reading all about it.

Assuming there may be a function, even if maybe there is not, because this is a sort of exercise. First question - a basic one - is

how to let Dynamo read the exact position of the point where the distance of the “attractor” would start from.

Say the point is the lower left angle of the Facade.

I beg your pardon if this is so basic that has been treated already…