Paneling with AC's: 4 Point List structure shifts when changing faces

Hi all,
I’m currently helping a colleague paneling a facade, but I’ve come across a couple of hurdles in the process. The panels u-value differs, and that’s the reason why I chose to use Dynamo. Im using the Paneling.Quadrilaterel from Clockwork for creating the 4-point sub-lists from the flattened list of points.
The outcome for my test face came out as expected, as the order of the 4 points where correct:

So that’s fine.
But then when I selected the next face, points within the 4-point lists were shifted, and it will ofcause mess up the placement of the AC’s:
The last list in the Paneling.Quadrilateral only hold 3 points, and I suspect it has something to do with that:

Can a helpful soul enlighten me on this?

I can provide a rvt and rfa samples if needed :slight_smile:


The dyn:
FacadePanelPlacement.dyn (381.2 KB)

Try reducing your V by 1.

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Worked like a charm, @Andreas_Dieckmann. Thanks a bunch.

Could you explaing why this is necessary in some occations? Is it because of odd number of rows, or whats going on? :slight_smile:

I’ve never used Dynamo for a workflow like this before, so i’m keen to learn.

In your case it’s probably a rounding issue.

Alright. I’ll be aware of that.

Thx for the quick reply.