Paneling a surface

Hi, all and thanks for your consideration and help.

The architect have provided the paneling lay out of the surface in sketch

i made it in dynamo its shown in the pic below

the lines represents framing elements (rectangular tubes) and the panels will be inside the frame i.e. the spaces resulted from the frame will host the panels (the panels outer surface is in same plane with the tube outer surface)

i want to model the framing and panels now as i have the layout.

i am stuck,i can’t use paneling package because the panel layout is now just uv division

i want a way to model the framing, then get the points of the area result from the framing connecting to each other. to in insert the panels in these points.

Hello igolsama,

I think I can help, but I should try to work with it myself, if you don’t mind sharing the necessary files

Thanks for your reply Ayman
this is the Dyn File project.dyn (69.1 KB)