Creating panels on rotated grid

Hi All,

I have a problem that I am trying to solve in relation to creating panels on a rotated grid as shown below. The blue line is a ceiling boundary and the red lines are the panels.

My current approach is to draw two model lines (Shown in Green)which will set the origin and the vectors for the grid data.

I have then created an array of lines with the geometry translate node and swept solids down these. I have then intersected these with a thickened surface for the ceiling and end up with a solid representing the ceiling tiles. I can then get the surfaces and the perimeter curves and model these.

After spending a few hours with this I have since thought this is a terrible workflow! it takes quite a while for Dynamo to generate the geometry.

Can anyone suggest any improvements on this?

I have tried using rectangular grids but these always seem to align to the default XY plane.

I also tried using a roof grid and getting the system panels but this is very awkward to get the correct rotation and position as you have to type in the rotation and offsets!

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.